What is Virtual Terminal ?

A virtual terminal is basically the web version of a physical credit card terminal or Point-of-Sale machine. It is a software application that is hosted online, usually on the service provider’s servers. And Virtual terminal payment gateway India also accessed from any internet connected web browser.

Virtual terminal  is an application service that:

  • Accept all host terminals on a multi-user network to interact with other hosts regardless of terminal type and characteristics,
  • Allows remote log-on by local area network managers for the purpose of management,
  • Allows users to access information from another host processor for transaction processing,
    Serves as a backup facility.

Virtual Terminal Payment Processing

virtual terminal account is the link merchants need to accept credit card and  electronic payments payments online securely and efficiently from their own computer. Get a virtual terminal can be used to process credit card and electronic  (ACH) transactions from any computer with internet access. Anywhere in the world, virtual terminal payment gateway allowing you to securely and efficiently handle a series of additional tasks including the verification, reporting and processing of credit card and   electronic payments.

How It Works

With an Internet merchant account from Total System Services(TSYS), you can use your computer’s web browser. An Internet connection and a USB credit card swipe reader to perform a variety of functions, including:

  • Process swiped retail credit card transactions
  • Manually enter mail order/telephone order (MOTO) credit card transactions
  • Manually enter electronic payments(ACH) transactions using one of the following Standard Entry Class Codes: PPD, CCD, WEB or TEL
  • Receive authorizations responses
  • Also generate receipts
  • Issue refunds to a customer’s credit card or ACH account
  • Also capture previously authorized transactions
  • Store credit card or electronic payment information in a customer wallet for future billing
  • Set up automatic customer billing for recurring charges
  • So confirm transaction status
  • Upload batch files
  • Access, create and save a variety of standard and customization reports

Advantages of virtual terminal payments like:

Fast and easy setup. Virtual terminal credit card processing no monthly fee also no hardware costs involved.
You don’t even need a dedicated phone line to get started.   First of all you can accept payments anytime, anywhere. All that’s required is an Internet connection.
Virtual terminals can accept a wide range of payment options. Al most businesses use them for credit cards, but you can also accept electronic/e Check payments.

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