Online Payment Gateway UAE/DUBAI

Online Payment Gateway UAE/DUBAI

Before we go into the details first I will briefly explain what payment gateway is and how it works. According to Wikipedia, “A payment gateway is a merchant service provided by an e-commerce. Application service provider that authorizes credit card or direct payments processing for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks, and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar.

Online Payment Gateway Providers In UAE/DUBAI

A lot of research we have gather for online Payment gateway UAE Dubai providers in Sharjah Abu Dhabi Ajman. If you’re starting your business in UAE, one thing you need to worry about is payment gateway in UAE. The aspect of ‘how to collect payments’, is the most crucial part of any business. Despite its seeming easy, offering cash on goods delivery is one of the riskiest payment options. Not offering a reliable delivery mechanism can further aggravate the situation, as the chances of purchase rejection are higher in certain industries, services and products.

On the other hand, collecting payments in advance helps a seller to ascertain whether a customer is really interested to purchase the goods, services. which in turn reduces the chances of their return. However, if you want to ensure the success of your e-commerce business. It is important that you convert potential leads in to recurring customers, which is only possible if you have a viable payment gateway in place, which can serve to cement the trust of buyers in your website.

How Does An Online Payment Gateway Work

Payment gateways can help you to develop that trust. Online business get flourish in UAE. People starts online business websites for selling their products and services. To start an online business in UAE you must have a trade license and a website. After setting up the shop, the main thing is to find the best solution for payment processing.
There are a number of top and reliable payment gateway providers, operating in the UAE & worldwide, and they are able to facilitate payment collection by means of credit cards. The most influential ones are list below.

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  1. ganesh

    05 Mar 2019 09:15:25

    What payment method will you suggest for merchants in UAE/DUBAI ?

    • uses

      05 Mar 2019 09:26:28

      Hello Ganesh

      Thank you for visiting our Ellepay Payment Gateway Services website. We include the merchant account and payment gateway together as a bundled solution because it’s everything you need to process payments some merchants use specific software that requires a certain type of special integration. That’s why we also support many popular payment gateway options such as If you already have an existing or preferred gateway integration it shouldn’t pose a problem.
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  2. vershika

    15 Mar 2019 10:50:07

    What are the advantages of High-Risk Payment Gateway UAE/DUBAI?

    • uses

      15 Mar 2019 10:54:51

      Hello Raju

      Thank you for visiting our Ellepay Online Payment Gateway Website. In Ellepay payment gateway provider for all types of business to your online transaction. You can sign up for Ellepay within minutes, as the gateway requires nothing but your email address to get it running. Our experts can guide you to the most cost effective and convenient Online payment gateway for you and your business.

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  3. mohit

    11 Apr 2019 06:02:18

    What is an International merchant account?

    • ellepay

      11 Apr 2019 06:04:43

      Hello mohit

      Thank you for visiting our ellepay International Merchant Account website. ellepay is a unique payment platform which aids global e-commerce& retail. They help provide the best experience for merchants and their customers by providing benefits like Unified Platform Integration, Single Window Transaction Settlement, Dynamic International Merchant Account India Switching, Transaction reconciliation services, Built in Loyalty Magement Engine and much more.

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