High Risk Payment Gateway

What is High-Risk Payment Gateway


High-risk payment gateway is one who sells a type of product associated with either a strong regulations or a higher-than-usual possibility for fraudulent purchases and chargebacks. Products that require age checks or have different legal status across state lines are often considered high-risk.

The Governmental regulations on some industries also lead to a high-risk designation, because of the frequency of eCommerce merchants (and the products themselves) that don’t meet the required regulations. Since sellers of these types of products are more likely to encounter legal problems, payment processors often avoid working with merchants. high-risk industries in order to protect themselves from additional liability.


Why Choose RISK Payments?

So, every business is unique. Our experienced risk specialists find the right solutions,
so your merchant account can be approved quickly.

We Are High-Risk Merchant Experts

If you have been changes multiple times by other high-risk banks online, hence we have some solid solutions for you. We also work with multiple banks scattered across the globethat are willing to take on all types of industries. The banks we work with are reputable so you don’t have to worry,  just relax, and collect your payments. If you are ready to get started, then you can fill out and submit an application online. If you have any questions,and you can also contact us through: Skype, email, Live Chat or our toll free line at the top of the websites.

What is a High-Risk Merchant Account?

Merchant account providers such as Streamline and also the highstreet banks consider certain business sectors high-risk and generally refuse to provide merchant accounts to them.

Finally a high-risk merchant account is a merchant account provided to a business in one of these sectors.

Hence, some providers specialise in providing merchant services to these sectors.

High-Risk Sectors:

Likewise, some Industries often considered to be ‘high-risk’ include, amongst others:

  • alcohol
  • tobacco and electronic cigarettes
  • drugs and drug products (including prescriptions)
  • nutraceuticals
  • airline, travel, tourism and lodging
  • debt management and collection agencies
  • payday loans
  • gambling
  • foreign exchange (Forex)
  • e-wallets
  • pyramid selling
  • dating and escort services
  • adult entertainment
  • timeshares and holiday clubs
  • tech support
  • money-making products and services
  • charities
  • monthly memberships and subscription services
  • insurance
  • jewellery
  • software
  • advertising services
  • online auctions
  • events and tickets
  • penny auctions
  • file sharing
  • VPN
  • affiliate marketing

Providing Global Solutions for High Risk Merchants:

We also accept all major debit & credit cards with our shopping cart system.

We also accept MOTO payments easily, All of our solutions come with a virtual terminal option.

We´ll help you get set up to receive payments on your website in no time. We also provide custom integration services.

We use the same 256 bit encryption as the leading banks. Plus security monitoring tools to ensure your account is safe.

We also have solutions for subscriptions and recurring payments.

Then, Take payments and get paid in currencies of your choice!

Why Use Ellepay

So, High-quality payment process helps you grow your client base, sleek checkouts increase client satisfaction & encourages future sales.

So, furthemore information contact us

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