E commerce Payment Gateway

payment gateway

E commerce Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is an part of e commerce service that processes credit card payments for online transactions and traditional brick and mortar stores. These payment gateways facilitate the transactions by transferring key information between payment portals such as web-enabled mobile devices/websites and the front end processor/bank.

How payment gateways work

When a customer place an orders from an online store, the international e commerce payment gateway performs several tasks to finalize the transactions of work like:

Encryption: Hence the web browser is encrypts the data to be sent between it and
the vendor’s web server.  The gateway is sending the transaction data to
the best e commerce payment gateway processor utilized by the vendor’s acquiring bank.

Filling the Orders: The processor  forwards a authorization pertaining to the merchant and consumer to the payment gateway services. Once the gateway obtains this response, it transmits it to the website/interface to process the payment. Here, it is interpreted and an appropriate response is generated. This seemingly complicated and lengthy process typically takes only a few seconds at most. At this point, the merchant fills the order.

payment gateway

Payment Gateways to Consider For Your eCommerce Success:

Similarly,payment gateways is to make payment-processing effective, secure, and bother -free. Below are the steps showing how payment gateways work:

  • The credit card’s issuing bank seems like the approval request and “approves” or “denies.”
  • These processor for the forwards an approval related to the merchant and customer to the E commerce payment gateway reviews.
  • The issuing bank changes the “authorization-hold” to a debit, permitting a “settlement” with the vendor’s securing bank
  • It starts working at the moment of customer places an order on an eCommerce website and fills their credit card requirement.
  • The web browser encodes the data to be sent between it and the merchant’s web server.
  • Next, the gateway sends the transaction data to the payment processor used by the merchant’s acquiring bank.
  • The payment processor sends the transaction data to a card affiliation.


Advantages of a  E commerce Payment Gateway:

Secure transactions. Finally the E commerce payment gateway services most useful to  industry-standard encryption and effectively protect sensitive data, protecting both merchant and consumers from fraud.

Expanded customer base. Due to payment gateways enable shoppers from around the world to have access to your store and can expand your customer base exponentially.

Bundled with shopping cart. Payment gateways often bundle shopping cart software with their programs.The software allows your customer to select products with the click of a mouse, add them to his or her shopping cart, and complete the purchase at checkout. Because shopping cart calculates the cost of the items, sales tax, and shipping charges without you or an employee having to be present to conduct the sale.

Faster transaction processing. The quick payment gateway for wp e-commerce are much faster than manual processing. Added convenience. Having a payment gateway means your store is open 24/7, and your customers can shop at any hour of the day or night from the comfort of their own homes.So do the payments with e commerce gateway payments.

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