Best Offshore Merchant Account Providers

offshore merchant account


There are two principal motivations for choosing an offshore merchant account providers rather than one based in the World. Predominantly, it can be easier to obtain an offshore merchantaccount rather than one based in the World. This applies to start-ups and businesses involved in offshore merchant account high-risk industries. Such as gaming, dating websites, adult services, subscription services and businesses where payments are taken well in advance of delivery. Business owners with poor credit histories can often find that they can obtain an offshore merchant account when they cannot do so in the Online.

The second reason is to take advantage of the lower taxation that is available in certain instant offshore merchant account jurisdictions. This applies mainly to larger corporations that wish to reduce their tax bill and to big gaming brands that prefer not to pay  gambling levies.

offshore merchant account


If you are dealing in a business that has multiple risks associated, getting a offshore merchant account from a domestic bank will be difficult. It’s better to try with Offshore merchant account providersand foreign banks to avail and online account for The E-Commerce platform. There are some service providers which will readily onboard you and provide the required services. The underwriting guidelines of the offshore service providers are lenient and flexible. This allows even the riskiest of the businesses to take online payments.

If you are a high risk Merchant then you must consider some points before you figure out an appropriate offshore service provider for you. Quadrapay can also help you decide the most suitable service providerfor your specific business type. From merchant account for tech support or  also merchant account for creditcard processing or any high risk business, we can get you the best deal.

offshore merchant account

Benefits of offshore merchant account for your online business:

  • Lower tax burden than with a domestic merchant account
  • Allow profits to grow offshore – tax-free!
  • Accounts can be set up in almost any currency of your choice
  • Accepted all major credit cards
  • Processing of transactions is confidential
  • Permitted for accounts with high transaction volumes
  • Payment gateways can be easily integrated with your existing e-commerce website
  • Without down time account can be managed online
  • Geographic location of actual business is irrelevant
  • Permitted for Higher risk businesses

Choosing an Offshore Merchant Account

There are tons of international merchant account providers out there:

Payment Gateway. Accepting payments over the internet not only requires a merchant account, but
also a payment gateway. Your merchant account provider should also offer you an international payment
gateway for real-time online payment processing.

Multi-currency processing. An international merchant account provider enables you to process paymentsin your customers’ local currencies. If you sell outside your home country, consider a merchant accountprovider that offers multi-currency processing in the countries where you operate. Also consider the regionswhere you hope to expand in the future.

Security. Anti-fraud protection like 3D Secure,Address Verification Services (AVS), Card ID Verification (CVC) and other pre-authorization tools are important to ensure secure offshore merchent account credit card processing and reduce chargebacks.

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