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low risk merchant account

What Is A Low Risk Merchant Account?

Merchant account acquirers identify the level of risk before on-boarding any merchant. They do this based on various factors. After analysis of the merchant profile, the processor classifies the merchants as.Low Risk Merchant Account. These businesses attract the lowest amount of credit risk.Mid Risk Merchant account solutions. These are from low risk industries but may have experienced high chargebacks in the past.High Risk Merchant as the name suggests these have high CB ratio in comparison to the low risk accounts


Credit Card processing is more expensive solution then ACH payment processing. If the merchant has a USA bank account, then he can use ACH payment gateway with low transaction fees. There is no setup fee on ACH payment options for merchants for low risk category. ACH Payment processing solution comes with its virtual terminal. Many credit card processing companies limit and restrict the merchants monthly sales capping. These merchants can put some sales volume on ACH.

Echeck or Substitute check for Low Risk Merchants.

USA e walet Merchant account can also use Echeck or Substitute check that works as per 21st-century check 21 act. With the solution, the merchant gets a printed copy of the cheque issued by the payer. This check has the same value as a regular paper check. So, Merchants can send the check to their bank for clearance. These solutions are incredibly economical and highly reliable.

credit card prosesing
credit card prosesing
credit card prosesing
credit card prosesing

Examples Of Low Risk Merchant Accounts

  • Online apparel
  • Office supplies
  • Health & beauty products
  • Books, CDs, DVDs
  • Pet supplies
  • Household goods
  • Parking garages
  • Moving companies
  • Auto parts
  • Fast Approvals For Low Risk Businesses

What are you looking for in a low risk merchant account?

Not only does Instabill offer low risk merchant account solutions with each of the above, but it does so with first class customer support. We’ve been servicing e-commerce and point-of-sale (POS) merchants – as well as mail-order/telephone (MOTO) merchants

credit card prosesing
low risk merchant account

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low risk merchant account

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low risk merchant account

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