Best International Payment Gateway Providers

 Need a Payment Gateway? You’ve come to the right place!  is one of the Best International Payment Gateway Providers,Providing Customizable Merchant Accounts To E-Commerce, POS And MOTO Businesses Worldwide.Similarly Working With Domestic And International Acquiring Banks,

Benefits Of EllePay’s Internet Merchant Account and Payment gateway

Ellepay will provide you with very generous monthly processing caps while allowing you to accept large ticket transactions. For the reason that we can even connect you to a local, offshore or international acquiring bank For your online credit card processing needs. furthermore information contact us Our merchant account managers are always available for your Help Support.

Best International Payment Gateway Providers

Ellepay is the Best International Payment Gateway Providers with the Services are likewise,

  • Credit Card Processing
  •  Check Solutions
  • Alternative Payment Solutions
  • Accepting Major Debit Cards in The World
  • Offshore Merchant Accounts
  •  Multi-Currency Processing
  • Fraud Protection

So, above all Services are Providing By  For services information Please contact us

3d payment gateway

The Different types of payment gateways:

As a result, Ecommerce service  authorize payment gateway is  process credit card and also debit payments for online businesses

1. Hosted : First of all hosted payment gateways direct your customer away from your site’s checkout page. When customer clicks the gateway link, they are redirected to the Payment Service Provider (PSP) page. Here,the customer fills in his or her payment details, and after paying, is redirected back to your website to completethe checkout process

2. Self-hosted :The  payment details are collected from the customer within the merchant’s website using of Self-hosted payment gateways. After the details are requested, the collected data is sent to the payment gateway’s URL. Also some gateways require the payment data be provided in a specific format, whereasothers require a hash key or secret key.

3. API hosted :Likewise, With this kind of  API hosted payment gateways,the customers need to enter their credit or debit card information directly on the merchant’s checkout page and the payments are
processed by using an API (Application Programming Interface) or  HTTPS queries.

4. Local bank integration:Similarly, Local bank integration gateways redirect the customer to the payment gateway’s website (the bank’s website) where they enter their payment details and  contact details also. The customer done the payment  is redirected to merchants website with the payment notification data sent upon redirection.

Finally, Furthermore information or any queries regarding Payment Gateway Contact Us and also please Email us

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